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Clinical and Community Research Core

Effective April 1, 2016, the Clinical and Community Research Core (CCRC) directed by Drs. Aviva Must and Elizabeth Goodman has been discontinued. This decision was driven by a decrease in the Core’s NIDDK-funded user base and decreased utilization.

Because of the commitment of our center to support obesity prevention efforts, we will continue the well-attended training programs in community-based research under the direction of Drs. Aviva Must and Sarah Folta (Tufts) as part of our Enrichment Program based in the Administrative Core. In addition, our Epidemiology and Genetics Core has increased its commitment to the development and testing of novel methods for assessing activity patterns in population-based studies, so that this important area of research will continue to be a focus of BNORC.

Please contact the Center Administrator with any questions about this change as well as inquiries regarding tools and resources that may be provided by the Epidemiology and Genetics Core.

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