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Built Environment/Obesity Journal Club

Tuesday, October 28th, 2014
12 Noon-1pm

Presenter: Lauren Fiechtner, MD, Pediatric Health Services Research Fellow at Harvard and GI Fellow at Boston Children’s Hospital

Jason Block, MD, MPH et al., "Proximity to Food Establishments and Body Mass Index in the Framingham Heart Study Offspring Cohort Over 30 Years?" from Am J Epidemiol. 2011;174(10):1108–1114 .

Location: 100 Cambridge Street, 15th floor, Room 1511B at Massachusetts General Hospital

If you would like to receive a PDF of the article that will be discussed and/or the WebEx information, please email Sarah Phillips:

The Obesity Journal Club is a program of the Boston Nutrition Obesity Research Center’s (BNORC) Clinical and Community Research Core, which is co-led by Aviva Must, PhD at Tufts and Elizabeth Goodman, MD at Harvard/MGH. Aviva serves as OJC faculty facilitator at Tufts and Nicolas Oreskovic, MD is the lead at MGH. Journal Club meets at both locations during the academic year, with most meetings at Tufts.

Announcements for each meeting will specify the topic and location. Light snacks are served (please bring your own beverage). Meetings will take place from 12-1 on the 2nd and 4th Tuesday of every month from September to May. The general format includes the presentation, critique, and (we hope) thoughtful discussion of a current article from the peer-reviewed obesity literature. Faculty and students in the greater Boston area are welcome to attend and present. Those interested in participating may come to Tufts or join the discussion in a webinar style format by dialing in via WebEx.

If you would like to receive a PDF of the article that will be discussed and/or the WebEx information, please email Sarah Phillips:

Boston Nutrition Obesity Research Center

Clinical and Community Research Core


Aviva Must, PhD Professor of Public Health and Community Medicine (School of Medicine), and Nutrition (Friedman School of Nutrition, Science, and Policy) Tufts University


Elizabeth Goodman, MD Professor of Pediatrics, Harvard Medical School

Assistant Directors:

Roger Fielding, PhD Senior Scientist, (Human Nutrition Research Center), Tufts University

Sara Folta, Ph.D. Assistant Professor (Friedman School of Nutrition Science and Policy), Tufts University

Nicolas Oreskovic, MD Instructor in Pediatrics and Medicine (Harvard Medical School), Harvard University

The purpose of the Clinical and Community Research Core is:
  • To provide services that support the development and implementation of clinical and community- based research studies that address prevention and treatment of obesity and nutrition-related diseases and risk factors operating across multiple sectors (family, school, worksite, community, policy).

  1. Provide training and access to NDS-R for assessment of diet using food records and 24-hour recalls
  2. Provide training and access to tools for survey development: pencil-and-paper, web-based, and audio computer assisted self-interviewing design (fee-for-service)
  3. Provide webinar and in-person training in the collection and analysis of qualitative, “unstructured” data, including: focus groups, in-depth and key informant interviews, open-ended survey responses, literature reviews, audio recordings, and other content analysis (including access to nVivo software)
  4. Provide access for BNORC members to equipment used to objectively measure the built environment (accelerometers and GPS receivers) on a limited basis for small pilot studies or exploratory/hypothesis generating work.
  5. Provide consultation on study design, item and questionnaire design, and database design for clinical and community-based research
  6. Foster interdisciplinary research and serve as a liaison for contact with regional non-medical academic built environment specialists in the fields of architecture, urban planning, and Geographic Information Systems
  7. Stimulate interest in population based obesity research through hosting of a bi-weekly Obesity Journal Club

After consulting with the Core Director, please use the link below to request Core services.

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Please note - the CCR core uses a different form from the other BNORC cores.

Recent Events Sponsored by the BNORC Clinical and Community Research Core:
WEBINAR: Conducting Focus Groups with Children
Sponsored by the Clinical and Community Research Core of the Boston Nutrition Obesity Research Center

The vast majority of texts and literature on conducting focus groups are geared toward adults as participants. Yet, there is an imperative to conduct qualitative research with children to inform all phases of interventions and programs that include them. This webinar will cover the major issues to consider when conducting focus groups with children ages 6-12, including different strategies to use for different ages and unique challenges to consider. Whether you have experience in conducting groups with adults and would like to adapt your skills, or are completely new to conducting focus groups, you’ll come away with knowledge of the major considerations when working with children.

Date and time: Friday September 26th 2014, 12 noon

Workshop facilitator: Sara C. Folta, PhD

WORKSHOP: Qualitative Data Analysis
Sponsored by the Clinical and Community Research Core of the Boston Nutrition Obesity Research Center

Software packages like NVivo are tremendously helpful in analyzing qualitative data, but they are only tools. What do you need to do before you sit down to code? What are the different philosophies and techniques around coding? Once you have the data that the programs spit out, what are you supposed to actually do with it? How do you best interpret the data? What “best practices” in qualitative data analysis do you need to consider? This workshop is designed to answer all of these questions. NOTE that the purpose of the workshop is not to teach you to use the software – most come with excellent training and support. You will, however, learn everything else that you need to know to successfully analyze your qualitative data.

Date and time: Monday March 24th, 2014, 9am-12pm

Jaharis Building Room 272, 150 Harrison Ave, Boston (Tufts Medical Campus)

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