BUSM Faculty Barbara Corkey Named as Zoltan Kohn Professor in Medicine

Dr. Corkey is being recognized for her exceptional academic accomplishments and remarkably effective institutional service. She was named as the Zoltan Kohn Professor in Medicine this past November.

Since 2007 Dr. Corkey has served as the Department of Medicine’s Vice Chair for Research. She brings faculty together from across the medical campus and across the university in the common pursuit of discovery and training. Her accomplishments include establishing a number of Cores including Cellular Imaging, Analytical Instrumentation, Immunohistochemistry, and Animal Resources, and High Throughput Screening, and Biostatistics, and Clinical Research Resources core within the CTSI.

Barbara Corkey

Barbara Corkey

Together with Dr. David Coleman she conceptualized the Evans Center for Interdisciplinary Biomedical Research, which funds interdisciplinary research initiatives involving more than 100 faculty from both campuses, other academic institutions and industry. She also has supported bridge and pilot funding programs, and a junior faculty program for internal grant review. She has developed “Fair Expectations” and “Code of Conduct” for faculty and trainees.

Dr. Corkey is internationally renowned for her research work in lipid metabolism, insulin secretion and pancreatic beta cell function, all central to a critically important public health problem – obesity and diabetes. And her findings have revolutionized understanding of the mechanism of insulin secretion.

A recipient of numerous awards, Dr. Corkey has received both of the two most prestigious awards for diabetes research: the Charles Best Award from the University of Toronto and, earlier this year, the Banting Medal for Scientific Achievement from the American Diabetes Association.