Elaine Yu - Bone Microarchitecture and Weight Loss

Elaine Yu, MD, is a clinical researcher in the MGH Metabolic Bone and Mineral Metabolism Unit with a particular interest in the interaction of obesity and the skeleton. Her BNORC pilot grant study analyzed bone microarchitecture in subjects undergoing bariatric surgery.
HR-pQCT of a tibia

Severe obesity may be associated with defects in skeletal health, and weight-loss surgery may further lead to accelerated bone loss and increased risk of fractures. This project will provide an in-depth analysis of the effects of obesity and weight-loss surgery on bone health, using advanced imaging techniques such as high-resolution peripheral quantitative computed tomography (HR-pQCT). HR-pQCT provides a virtual "bone biopsy" and provides a window into the microarchitecture of the skeleton. The knowledge gained from these studies will improve the clinical care of obese patients and those who are considering weight-loss surgery as well as shed light on the complex interplay between bone and adipose tissue.