Boston Nutrition Obesity Research Center

Theme 4: Multi-level, Lifecourse Approaches to Obesity- and Nutrition-Related Diseases

The overall goal of BNORC researchers in Theme 4 is to inform our understanding of the natural history of obesity, develop interventions to prevent and treat obesity, and to identify obesity and related lifestyle determinants at multiple levels, including policy. Specifically, our researchers work in clinical and community settings to:

  • 1) Understand the lifecourse of obesity and obesity- and nutrition-related disease by conducting fetal programming, child, adolescent and family studies, as well as obesity, nutrition, physical activity and body composition studies in elderly
  • 2) Test theory-based preventive and treatment interventions using community-engaged research models, where appropriate
  • 3) Identify intersectoral determinants of obesity and lifestyle behaviors

Theme 4 Members

Baer, Heather
Bandini, Linda
Blackburn, George
Bond, Dale
Bowen, Deborah
Das, Sai
Davison, Kirsten
Economos, Christina
Field, Alison
Fielding, Roger
Fleming, Richard
Folta, Sara
Gillman, Matthew
Goldberg, Jeanne
Goodman, Elizabeth
Gortmaker, Steve
Hatch, Elizabeth
Ludwig, David
Misra, Madhusmita
Must, Aviva
Nelson, Miriam
Oreskovic, Nicolas
Quatromoni, Paula
Ramachandran, Vasan
Sacheck, Jennifer
Tang, Alice
Taveras, Elsie
Tucker, Katherine
Wee, Christina

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